Why Sign Up to Kool Campers?

Dedicated UK Campervan Portal

Our aim is simply to make Kool Campers the “Go To” place to hire a campervan. We can help put your van in front of thousands of potential guests, help maximise your bookings and profits and provide a simple, flexible way of managing all those bookings.

In fact, we guarantee to increase your bookings or Rob (the lead developer) will eat his hat!

Free listing AND no charges to you or your guests

Many hire companies make a big thing about offering a free listing. They then go on to charge the guests a 15% booking fee, which just inflates the cost of the holiday. Here at Kool Campers you get both a free listing and no guest commission charges on bookings. You even get a free rate card, availability calendar and enquiry form.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Kool Campers has been developed by bookalet.co.uk; a booking management system already used by 3,000 holiday home and campervan users. We obviously hope that you’ll upgrade to our full booking management solution which provides you with an online payment option and helps take all the pain out of managing the entire booking process. This service comes with an £129 + VAT annual subscription (for a single van) but there’s no obligation use it; you can simply carry on with the free listing should you choose to do so.

The Team

Kool Campers is brought to you by a team of enthusiasts who also have a proven track record in the development of holiday lettings portals and booking systems.

Ever growing demand for campervan holidays

The Staycation market has been booming in the UK over the last few years and what better way of experiencing our wonderful countryside than from the behind the wheel of a campervan. Recent estimates suggest the campervan hire market is growing in excess of 10% per annum and we believe Kool Campers can help you join in with this success.

Sweat your assets

The average privately owned campervan gets used for approximately 5 weeks per year. Kool Campers can help pay the running costs of your prized possession. It’s not uncommon for owners to earn up to £15k per annum per van.

Suitable for hire companies and individuals

Whether you have a single van and new to renting or run your own fleet, Kool Campers is here to help. Simply register for your free account and then add your van. The more the merrier as far as we’re concerned. There is one caveat though. We don’t take all vans. They have to be of good heritage, with reasonable terms and conditions and have proper insurance cover. Also, by definition, we only list campervans or very small motorhomes by agreement.

Your own calendar and booking form on your own website.

Unlike some systems, the Kool Campers “bookalet” option allows you to publish availability calendars, rate cards and booking forms on your own website. So, as well as using Kool Campers to help supplement bookings, it also provides a set of tools to enhance your own website and build your own online brand. You should never become too dependent on a single booking source.

So in summary we:

  • Provide you with a fantastic showcase for your van(s)
  • Give you an availability calendar, rate card and enquiry form
  • Help you maximise rental revenue and build strong relationships with your clients.
  • Put you in complete control of the booking process
  • Provide a free to list service with no guest booking charges
  • Offer an additional Booking Management option where you can take online bookings and payments and even use these calendars and booking forms on your own website
  • Automatically sync calendars between your own website and your Kool Campers listing

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