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Pickup Time:
Return Time:
Bike Rack:
£40.00 per hire
£10.00 per hire
£10.00 per person
£30.00 per hire
£25.00 per week
Additional Driver:
£10.00 per night



Availability And Booking

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions- The Camper Clan

The terms and conditions below are an agreement between the hirer(s) and The Camper Clan.

  1. Booking
  2. Campervan choice
  3. Mileage
  4. Insurance
  5. Deposit and Damage
  6. Collection of Campervans
  7. Return of Campervans
  8. Late Returns
  9. Cancellation Policy- The Camper Clan
  10. Late cancellation charges
  11. Change of Date
  12. Events out with control
  13. Vehicle Use during hire
  14. Breakdown
  15. Incident Procedure
  16. Smoking and Pets
  • Bookings must be completed by paying a non refundable £100 deposit when booked more than 6 weeks prior to pick up date.
  • The balance of the hire charge (full charge less deposit) is due 42 days (6 weeks) before the start of the rental period
  • Booking is completed on receipt of deposit or full payment. Terms and conditions and cancellation policies apply from time of booking.
  • Security deposit of £1000 is taken as a pre-authorisation on the hirers credit card. This will be released on full if the terms and conditions below are adhered to.
 Campervan choice  
  • We reserve the right to provide you with a suitable alternative, without notice, upon collection if the campervan you have requested is not available.
  • Should a substitute not be available at time of pick up, we will be responsible for a full refund.
  • There is no mileage restrictions on hires.
  • Driver(s) must be aged between 25 And 75.
  • Driver(s) must have held a full valid driving licence for at least 24 months.
  • We only offer cover for drivers with a driving license from ; uk, ireland, eu, usa, canada, australia or new zealand. 
  • Additional driver(s) can be added to the insurance for the vehicle for a cost of £15 per day per driver.
  • Campers must not be used for the carriage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature or for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward.
  • All drivers holding a UK licence must provide the following original documentation- photo copies of photographs will not be accepted;
    • Driving licence
    • Online DVLA licence check code
    • 2 separate forms of proof of address which must be dated within 90 days of the hire start date.
    • Your rental will be cancelled without refund if we are unable to check or validate any of the above.
  • Non-uk licence holders must provide the following at point of collection:
    • Driving licence
    • Secondary form of photo id i.e. Passport
    • 2 separate forms of proof of address must be dated within 90 days of the hire start date.
    • Your rental will be cancelled without refund if we are unable to check or validate any of the above.
  • You must declare at the time of booking if there are any endorsements on your driving licence. The Camper Clan will may not be able to offer insurance for those with more than 6 points, you may incur extra charges for points on your license. Failure to declare any accidents or driving convictions will invalidate your insurance.
  • The drivers will be liable for any legal penalties, The Camper Clan will also charge an administration fee of £50 for all penalties received.
  • The insurance covers damage to vehicle and property of third parties, it does not include personal insurance including death and bodily harm. The Camper Clan strongly recommends you take out insurance to cover these events during your trip.
  • Not included in insurance;
    • Mechanical issues arising from misuse.
    • Damage caused by negligence.
    • Damage caused by driving error or incorrect fuelling.
    • Any missing tools or spares.
 Deposit and Damage  
  • The drivers credit card details will be stored for security, if for any reason the vehicle is not returned in the condition it was hired out in a charge will be made to the drivers credit card to cover the costs of the damage plus a £50 administration fee.
  • In event of damage the driver will be liable for the excess amount. The excess amount is £1,000, this can be reduced to £500 by paying a £15 per day excess reduction charge.
  • Charges to the drivers credit card will be made if any of the following list, but not limited to, are found.
    • Any loss or damage whatsoever to equipment, fixtures, fittings, windows, cleaning fees, tyres or negligent damage to the vehicle. A £50 administration fee and 2.5% payment processing fee will be applied in addition to any costs for any loss or damage to your vehicle or any item contained within.
    • Road traffic violation administration fees.
    • Any required cleaning fees:
      • £100 will be charged against the deposit if the vehicle is not returned with the interior in a suitable clean condition.
      • £100 will be charged if it is found that the vehicle has been smoked in.
      • £100 will be charged if an unauthorised pet has been carried in the
  • The credit card details will be held for 28 days to cover any damages or costs incurred out with the agreement.
  • In the event of an insurance claim, regardless of fault, the credit card be retained until the insurers have settled the claim. Please note, this can be a lengthy process and is out of The Camper Clan.
  • The hirer irrevocably authorises The Camper Clan to deduct from the security deposit any amounts arising out of this agreement.
  • Please note, The Camper Clan reserve the right to increase the insurance excess. 
 Collection of Campervans  
  • Address; Vehicles must be collected and returned to 10 Ballantine Avenue, Hillington, G52 4JZ unless otherwise agreed with The Camper Clan.
  • Collection must be made between 2-5pm on the day of collection, unless otherwise agreed with The Camper Clan.
  • We will endeavour to get you on the road as quickly as possible, please however allow 45mins to get all paper work and handover completed.
  • We require up to date original paperwork- please do not bring photo copies of pictures of documents.
  • We will take credit card details from the main driver as explained in the deposit section of the terms and conditions.
  • The campervan will be handed over in clean and working condition as described in the Vehicle Condition Report.
  • If for any reason The Camper Clan do not have your campervan ready to hire you will still have to return the vehicle at the agreed time, no extensions or refunds will be given for the vehicle being ready late. We will do our best to make sure the campervan is ready for your collection time, however in busy periods there may be issues out with our control.
 Return of Campervans  
  • Return of the vehicle is strictly before 11am on your day of return unless otherwise agreed with The Camper Clan.
  • The vehicle check on return may take up to 30mins.
  • The vehicle must be returned undamaged.
  • The vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel. You will be charged £1.50 per litre of fuel if tank is not full.
  • The vehicle must be returned clean and in the condition you received it. We understand you will be in the van for a week so we do not expect spotless vans on return, however we expect a general tidy and clean van on return.
  • You will be required to pay an additional £30 if a toilet is not returned clean and empty.
  • You are liable to return the vehicle to The Camper Clan, if the van is not returned you will be charged the cost of recovery.
 Late Returns  
  • You will be charged £50 per hour for late return unless otherwise agreed with The Camper Clan.
  • You must notify The Camper Clan of late return so that the insurance can be altered.
  • Collections and returns can be organised outside of the times stated if in agreement with The Camper Clan, please request a change of collection or return at the time of booking by contacting us directly.
Cancellation Policy- The Camper Clan
The Camper Clan reserve the right to cancel the hire due to any of the conditions below not being fully adhered to;
  • The required documentation (as listed in the collection section) are not provided by the drivers.
  • If a uk driver(s) fails to provide access to information on the counter part driving licence held on the dvla website.
  • Hirer fails to give credit card details at time of hand over.
  • Any breaking of uk laws, including carrying more passengers than the vehicle is prohibited to.
  • The address on driving licence does not match other proof of address documentation.
  • If for any reason the vehicle you have rented is not able to be rented out you will be supplied with a similar vehicle that may potentially have different specifications.
  • The driver (s) are in breach of the terms and conditions if;
  • The driver obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation.
  • If any statement, representation or warranty made by the hirer in respect of themself or additional drivers is incorrect.
  • The Camper Clan reasonably believes the vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date.
The Camper Clan liability is limited, the insurance does not cover any other aspects of your holiday- the camper clan strongly recommends you take insurance out to cover other events that may arise on your trip.
The Camper Clan reserve the right to amend our cancellation policy prior to collection of the vehicle.

Late Cancellation Charges;  
  • Equal to and less than 4 weeks from date of hire 100% charge
  • 6 weeks to 4 weeks prior to rental: 50% of total hire charge.
An administration fee of £50 will be charged on the processing of any refund.
Customers are advised to check their own travel insurance policy in the event of a cancellation by the hirer.

Change of Date
You may request a change of date to your reservation, this will be dependant on availability and also subject to any increase in costs. No refunds will be given for a decrease in hire rates due to a change of date. A charge of £50 will be taken for administration for a change of date.

Events out with control
Events out with The Camper Clan’s control may require rentals to be postponed or cancelled.  These events may include (but not limited to) war, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, acts of government, plagues, epidemics or pandemics. In such events The Camper Clan shall:
  • Change dates of booking free of charge.
  • No refund will be given if change if date option not taken.
  • The Camper Clan strongly recommend hirers take out their own insurance to cover these events. 
 Vehicle Use during hire
Use of the vehicle restrictions below, you must not;
  • Drive the vehicle in any way that could cause damage, the driver must drive the vehicle with care and caution.
  • Carry more passengers than the seat belt capacity of the van.
  • Use the van to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward.
  • Tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object.
  • Drive off road, on unsurfaced roads or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle,
  • Drive when it is overloaded or when loads are not properly secured,
  • Use the van for any illegal purpose, or carry any object or any substance which is illegal or, because of its condition or smell may harm the van and/or delay our ability to rent the van again,
  • Damage van by submersion in water or contact with salt water,
  • Take part in any race, rally, test or other contest, drive or park in contravention of any traffic or other regulations,
  • Drive or allow to the van to be driven in restricted areas including, but not limited to, airport runways, airport service roads, and associated areas,
  • Undertake driving training activity or put the van through a rotary car wash.
  • All faults and damages must be reported to The Camper Clan as soon as possible.
  • The hirer is responsible for maintaining the vehicle which includes; checking oil and coolant levels, tyre pressures, washer fluid levels and batteries.
  • The campervans run on diesel, the hirer will be liable for any incorrect use of fuel.
  • 24 hour roadside assistance is provided through the aa. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the hirer should seek the help of the aa quoting the registration number of the vehicle.
  • Any faults requiring maintenance work over the value of £100 need to be authorised by The Camper Clan before works are commenced.
 Incident Procedure  
  • In the event of any accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of vehicle including damage to a third party vehicle, the hirer will:
  • Notify The Camper Clan by calling the numbers provided.
  • Obtain the names and address of third parties and any witnesses and report the event to the nearest police station.
  • Not make any admittance of liability or make a settle offer to other parties.
  • Assist The Camper Clan in handling any claim arising from the event.
  • Acknowledge that the excess or other amount due in respect of any damage arising from an accident, loss or damage is payable at the time of reporting the event and not at the completion of the rental period, regardless of which party is at fault.
  • Pay any costs relating to a change of vehicle as a result of an incident regardless of which party is at fault.
  • Accept that no security deposit/excess will be refunded until the claim is settled. 
 Smoking and Pets  
  • Smoking is not permitted in any campervans on rental from The Camper Clan. A £100 fee will be charged to the hirers credit card if this is violated.
  • Pets are allowed in the campervan at £25 per pet per week, a maximum of 2 pets are allowed in the campervan at once.

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